Culinary Classes at Cichetti Culinary Studio and Kitchen Boutique
European and local delights produced with only fresh, Michigan ingredients
Chef Jill Hansen
Welcome to the Caribbean of the North!

We have always taken pride in our virtually undiscovered, pristine sandy beaches and great delight in the immense pleasure our “newbies” feel when vacationing at our cottages.

For 16 years we’ve been trotting the globe, have finally settled in “back home”, and decided to add one more enticing feature to our already idyllic setting.


One of the great benefits of the many years of travel and life abroad was the chance to LIVE a culinary dream. Exploring the sights, texture, colors and liveliness of the indoor and outdoor fresh markets and then pulling it all together in an amazing meal was infinite pleasure. Learning from Chefs and restaurant owners from Agriturismos all over Italy, to Michelin 5 star restaurants was and still is my joy.

Since returning to the U.S. I have attended the Culinary Institute with Dean’s list status, joined “Slow Foods International”, The Jr. American Culinary Federation, the “Local Foods Organization”, Culinary Tourism International,and Fundraising and Entertainment Chair for “Friends of the Market”. All of this born not only of passion for real and local foods, but to better share my joy and experiences with you.


From absolute “can’t boil water”, to honing skills you already have. Artisanal breads, homemade pasta and sauces, French casseroles, and rustic desserts can be learned. Italian raviolis filled with homemade ricotta or the soup to die for all within your grasp.
How about a romantic dinner or a gourmet picnic for the beach? Or maybe you’d prefer to learn an amazing eggs benedict. You choose, or I choose.

The most important part of my cooking philosophy, however, is learning to cook “outside the box” literally and figuratively. We can include shopping excursions to the Farmer’s Market, and shop……
LOCAL!        LOCAL!        LOCAL!

Supporting Michigan, our local Farmers and purveyors; You won’t believe how good it tastes!

Sincerely, Chef Jill

"I look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful resort on Lake Michigan  in North Muskegon, MI, to my cooking classes, and to a lifestyle of utilizing the local and freshest ingredients.
- Chef Jill Hansen
The hands of experience at the local Farmer's Market. We will shop and purchase the day's menu in one of my special classes..
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